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To do any job right, one needs the right tools.

The job of selling is no exception to this rule.

We can help you in every area of your internal and external brand building with sales tools that inform and motivate.

  • Brand/Creative strategy and development
  • Broadcast, print and interactive creative development
  • Traditional and online media planning and placement
  • Sales promotion development and execution
  • Graphic design
  • Collateral
  • Video and multi-media

Q1 is located in Columbus, Ohio, in the Polaris area of Delaware County. We started business in 1991 with a focus on communicating to technical buyers -- engineers, technicians, medical people and other high-tech folks. Since then, our referrals have lead us to other markets and audiences.

Scott Brooks retired in 2015. You can still reach him at his music web site: rightgood.com.