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In 2001 we purchased LightWave 3D modling software to allow us to create realistic product illustrations for our manufacturing clients. It has served us well in this use. But we quickly found that the true power of this software was to create illustrations of all kinds. Here are a few samples (click any image for a larger view).

Architecture Illustration

Q1 specializes in creating realistic architectural images by seamlessly blending photographs with 3D imagery.


Advertising Illustration The image our client needed was not available in stock photography and could not easily be shot--so we created it in our 3D modeler (only the moon and the chili peppers are photographic in this illustration).
Columbus Zoo Illustration All amimals were created in our 3D modeler in this illustration we created for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.
Portrait 3D Illustration There doesn't seem to be a limit on what can be accomplished using 3D modelers for illustration.
Poster Illustration This poster started with an architectural drawing in AutoCad.
B2B Illustration A careful combination of photographic and 3D elements can create illustrations that make powerful presentations.
Poster Illustration
3D illustration can make images jump right off the paper and motivate the viewer.

Business to Business Illustration
This image made the point that the larger company isn't always the better company when it comes to serving one's customers.